Sunday 5th August 2012
Over 160 Instructors, Students, family and friends
travelled from all over the United Kingdom to meet
and train together today at the C.M.A.A. 2012 tenth
anniversary summer training course.

Andrew Morrell opened the event with a 15 minute
flexibility warm followed by a 45 minutes introduction
to his 21 arm lock bunkai.

Following sessions were then delivered by C.M.A.A.
officials as follows: -

Vice President Gordon Scott Russell
Kickboxings Pad Drills.

Director Julian Mallalieu
Traditional Karate applications and techniques.

Cobra Self Defence Trainer Steve Hallam
Self Defence applications.

Dan grade presentations were then handed to:
Robbie Porter - Kickboxing
Sharon Mallalieu - Shukokai Karate
A special thanks also to Sharon for
taking the photographs for us.
The date of the next course in 2013 will be: -
Patrica Blakey - Wado Ryu Karate
John Barrass - Combat Ju-Jitsu
Alan Wolfenden - Ju-Jitsu
Glyn Pulman - Kempo Karate
After the presentations Andrew had 2 surprises in store
for him. The 1st in the form of a very large cake
presented to him (which his shown cutting). This was
then shared with as many at the course that we could
feed! Many thanks to the Cooper family for that.

Later that night the 2nd surprise came by way of a meal
arranged by his wife, Collette, involving his own
Instructing team members who have been with him
since the start of the CMAA back in 2002.