Membership to Police Martial Arts is open to all Police Officers as we think it is imperative that they keep on
top of both their physical skills and fitness levels. However many don't feel that they can maintain a regular
training regime at a set club due to shift patterns. This scheme will allow them to train at any CMAA
registered club at a time that suits them as membership is direct with the CMAA rather than any specific club.

joining fee is just £30.00 and to apply simply send the following details to and
we will send you a Police Martial Arts application form
*. PLEASE NOTE: Standard CMAA Licence forms will
not be accepted.

1. Police Force you are with (proof will be required)
2. Your Name
3. Martial Art(s) practiced (if any)
4. The name of your club and Instructor (if any)
5. Grade(s)

The book will be renewable each year
at no cost, to renew simply send an email again and we will send you
a Police Martial Arts renewal form

*The home address that you place on the application form will be used to issue your licence book only.
The form will then be destroyed by cross shredding. Your home address will not be kept on file by us nor
will it be entered into your licence book unless you wish to do so yourself.
'Police Martial Arts' - Copyright Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) 2008