Time served requirements between all Dan/Black Belt grades
Please note that when applying for a time served award the applicant must be able to show the relevant number of
years of active training/teaching since their last grade as per the following. Under equal opportunities we do not have
minimum age requirements for senior Dan/Black Belt grades, so long as the following criteria has been met the grade
will be awarded. Our time served requirements between each Dan/Black Belt grade are:
1st to 2nd Dan - 2 Years of active service/training awarded by physical grading.
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan - 3 years of active service/training awarded by physical grading or time served based on style.
3rd Dan to 4th Dan - 4 years of active service/training awarded based on time served.
5th Dan will be awarded after 5 years of active service/training awarded based on time served.
5 years of active service/training also applies to grades of 6th, 7th, 8th etc...
1. The required years for time served awards may be reduced on a case by case basis.
2. Time served awards may be applied for from January 1st of the year due.
3. Should there be a break in active service/training then the years required between grades will begin again
from the date active service/training resumed.

Past Time Served Accreditation
In the interest of fairness senior Dan Grade applicants, for 4th Dan and over, may have past
time served accredited towards their next grade.

What this means is that if a person served, for example, 6 years from 1st to 2nd Dan through no fault of their own and
then progressed through 3rd and then to 4th Dan. The extra 4 years between 1st and 2nd may be accredited towards
their 5th Dan in that the required time served between 4th Dan and 5th Dan would be reduced slightly based on past
time served.
Please note at least 3 years must have been served at the current grade and we would require documented evidence of
all previous Dan/Black Belt grade dates to verify applications of this nature.

Medical Grounds and Double Times Served Awards
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Black Belt Time Served Awards