Listing On The NBBR:- Listing, certificates, grade ratification & time served awards are available to
everyone regardless of club or association. If want to have your Black Belt / Dan Grade ratified and listed on
the NBBR please use the "Certificates/Listing" link.

Search the NBBR:- To search for a specific name or grade on this register click Ctrl & F on your keyboard
then type the name of grade in the box that appears at the top of your screen. The NBBR is managed by the
Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA) however Listing on the NBBR is not confirmation of current
CMAA membership or status.

Listing as an Instructor:- Only club Owners/Senior Instructors (CMAA members) are listed as such.
For further listing verification of the above please contact the CMAA
click here.

Disclaimer:- This register carries a disclaimer, which can be read here.

Removing names from the NBBR:- We reserve the right to remove any persons name from the NBBR
should we deem it warranted, certain live criminal convictions/activity etc. Any person claiming, or showing
documents, claiming listing on the NBBR who are not actually listed
* may have been removed thus
disassociating them from the CMAA/NBBR. In these cases please
contact us for details.
*CMAA/NBBR certificates are only valid if the holder is listed.

General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR):- Any person who wishes to have their name removed
from the NBBR can request this by
clicking here.
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