CMAA Books
CMAA Membership/Licence Books
1. Student Licence Book (10th KYU/KUP - 5th Dan)
Included in student membership fee, these a card backed.

2. Black Belts and Instructor Book (1st to 10th Dan)
Black Belts and Instructors can upgrade to our special Leatherette Licence book with gold gilted corners.
The grades go from 1st to 10th Dan and it has spaces for you to show any grades you have in other
styles. There are also places to record your CMAA Level 3,2 or 1 Instructor qualifications, DBS Disclosure
Confirmation (signed and stamped by Andrew Morrell) as well as any special skills you may have.
Upgrade price including postage: £5.00

3. Ten Years Book*
Red Leather Bound awarded free of charge to Club Owners after ten years of continuous full club
membership to the CMAA.
*These are not available to students or associate/dual members.
Cobra Kids Instructors Manual

The manual contains details of how the to run the Cobra
Kids Programme within your own Club

PRICE: £10.00 (includes postage)
Martial Arts Instructor UK Manual

The manual contains details of how the to Programme
works and what is required for all 3 Levels of the award.

It also doubles as a Portfolio containing all the
assessment sheets and training record sheets.