Heart Block
Don't Ignore The Flutter!

On Friday 21st June 2019 Andrew Morrell was sat relaxed at his son’s school
assembly when all of a sudden he became very dizzy after feeling a small
painless flutter in his chest.

He’d felt this flutter quite often in the past and dismissed it due to no other issues, but this time it was different.

He almost fainted, but being a first aid trainer for many years, he managed to regulate his breathing without
attracting attention as his main concern was the trauma that him collapsing would cause his son and all the other
children in the hall. He then went into shock.

Andrew managed to get rid of the dizziness and shock symptoms and fealing OK again slowly walked home
perfectly fine.

Once home he lay down and after a while didn’t feel good at all. The fealing couldn't be described any other
way other than something didn’t feel ‘right’. Andrew phoned 999 and asked for an ambulance.

They arrived quite fast and after an examination told him that the cardiograph had shown a right ‘bundle branch
block’ (BBB) also known as 'heart block' which is a disruption to the electrical impulses from one side of the
heart to the next.

By this time he was back to his normal self again and felt fine. But taking the paramedics advice he went with
them to hospital to be checked over.

Andrew spent the next 6 days in hospital und
ergoing tests resulting in a small pacemaker being fittted to keep
his resting heart rate above 50bpm as that was the issue. His heart muscle was fine as were all the arteries, but
his heart rate at rest at times became too low which it had done on 21st June at the school assembly resulting in
'the flutter' and the dizzy spell. This was described by one professional as similar to a car engine idle speed
becoming too low and the engine spluttering or stalling.

Luckily because he didn’t ignore the flutter (the BBB) this time his condition was diagnosed and treated in time
before any lasting damage was caused to his heart.

This story has been published to raise awarness to heart block so if anyone reading this has fealt a painless
flutter in your chest, or knows someone who has, get it checked as had Andrew not done then serious heart
conditions may have followed including heart failure, total heart block or even worse -- death.

Thanks for reading.