Joining the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)
FREE Insurance for Students - FREE Instructor Membership - FREE Annual Club Registration
Established in 2002 the CMAA has grown to be a very large and well-respected National Supporting Body catering for
Instructors and Students of all styles around the United Kingdom and Eire. You will note we use the word ‘Supporting’
rather than ‘Governing’ as that’s exactly what we do Support you and your members as we never forget it is your
choice to join us and as such we accept that we do not 'own' you or your club nor will we interfere in its lawful

Select from the following: (UK & Eire only, other countries please email us-click here)

Dual membership happens when a club wishes to be a 'attached' to the
CMAA as well as remaining a member of another large ma body or a
small independent group.

For an annual fee per person dual membership gives access to:
1. Recognition of all grades, regardless of style
2. Attendance at all CMAA courses and events at the discounted member rates
3. Black Belt gradings and promotions at discounted member rates
4. Free listing on our National Black Belt Register ( if applicable
5. Access to DBS checks
6. Free insurance
* while training at a CMAA full member club or event
*Free insurance is not included while training within the dual member club, in these cases the dual member must ensure that cover is provided by the other
MA group they are in membership of.

There are 2 dual membership options:
Option 1. They join as a full club member meaning ALL students are registered as CMAA members while also
remaining members of another ma group.
Option 2. They only register certain students as CMAA members, quite often senior grades. This makes them a dual
whereby CMAA membership can only be stated/claimed on an individual basis and not as a club.

Students of a club holding dual membership who DO NOT hold CMAA membership themselves must not attend any
other CMAA member club or event unless they take out CMAA membership first. This is for 2 reasons:
1. The CMAA is a closed group meaning our events are mostly members only unless otherwise stated.
2. Only CMAA members are covered by our free group insurance while training in a full club member or at a CMAA

Should a dual member wish to run an event/course/class and invite other CMAA members to take part they MUST take
out open event insurance to cover the event OR ensure that all taking part either hold:
1. Membership to the host club/other ma group as a whole.
2. Membership to the CMAA as a whole.

To apply or for further information either email here or call 07909 673894.