COBRA TOTS 'The Knee High Ninjas'
Cobra Tots are Children aged 3 and 4 years old. Young Children need motivation and set goals to keep their interest in
any sporting activity. Cobra Tots focuses on improving younger children's basic motor and listening skills with basic
martial arts and games.

Cobra Kids are Children aged from 5 to 11 years old inclusive. While there are many other programmes for children
within the Martial Arts we have chosen the term 'Cobra Kids' as it gives our programme more meaning and direct
association with the CMAA National Body.

Young children need to be encouraged and rewarded as they learn their chosen Art. The Art must also be kept
interesting for them with set goals that they can aim for. The CMAA Cobra Kids Programme does just this as well as
contributing towards their Long Term Athletic Player Development (LTAPD) and preparing them for our Martial Arts
Instructor UK training programme which they can take part in from 11 years old as Cadet Leaders.

The programme is adaptive and the grading structure / content may be set by each CMAA member club taking part in
the scheme using the clubs own syllabus. The most important points are that your child learns and enjoys learning with
Cobra Kids. A suggested method for grading can be seen below, however as already mentioned above, this might differ
from club to club.

Part 1: Gradings
Normally gradings are held every 3 to 6 months where Students demonstrate their knowledge of their next grade in
order to progress forward. With “Cobra Kids” the clubs existing syllabus is split into 3 sections per grade whereby the
Child is tested every month on each section before moving to the next. As such the belt system is slightly different.   
Section 1 Pass = Coloured Belt, Section 2 Pass = 1 Black Tab on Belt, Section 3 Passed = 2 Black Tabs on Belt as
shown in the image below.
Once a Student has 2 tabs they then move onto learning the next Grade.

Doing this gives them to opportunity to advance every month or so rather than making them wait the standard time
which can result in them getting bored. Although they do not move through the ranks any faster than the Juniors or
Adults nor is the Syllabus “watered down” in any way.

Alternativley the CMAA Progressive Grading System (PGS) may be used.

Junior Black Belts
Cobra Kids can achieve the grade of 1st Junior Black, 2nd Junior Black and so on. The time scale between
these grades is just 18 months where by the child is tested again to ensure their skills remain the same in
preparation for attempting 1st Dan Black Belt when they reach the set age.
NOTE: A Junior Black is NOT a Dan grade and no matter what level they reach at Junior Black level they
will then attempt 1st Dan once they reach the required age as set by the club Instructor/Owner.

Part 2: Optional Cobra Kids Proficiency Scheme
As well as teaching young children Martial Arts, the Cobra Kids Programme also offers Life Skills as an optional extra.
The Scheme can be adapted by the Instructor and there are 10 different subjects that they can study and learn with
rewards in the form of Certificates.  Subject examples: -

Map Reading
First Aid
Stranger Danger
Drug Awarnes
and more....

Cobra Kids badges are available as are grading certificates, pictured below.

Badge: £4.00
(Copyright Cobra Martial Arts Association 2002)
Instructors Manual: £10.00