Using the following syllabus students can also be
graded by Andrew over time at your own club using
the PGS system.

Kick-Jitsu is a combination of Ju-Jitsu and
Kickboxing and is used by many MMA clubs.
here to download syllabus.

The concept of a person holding a grade in MMA
has been discussed around the world with no real
conclusion because, after all, MMA is by definition
a combination of various arts and does not normally
include belt gradings. However many practitioners
are now beginning to ask to be graded in some way.
The most acceptable way to grade in MMA is to be
judged fight per fight in competition, however some
MMA clubs are not as competitive as others so how
can they be graded?

The same applies to accomplished fighters with
nothing to show, grade wise, who then turn to
teaching rather than fighting themselves and as such
require a syllabus to work from offering recognised

The answer to this problem is Kick-Jitsu, which is a
combination of the throws, locks, groundwork from
Ju-Jitsu and the kicks and strikes from Kickboxing.