Cobra Arm and Leg Lock Bunkai

The word ‘Bunkai’ means analysis or to find
meaning. It is taken from Kata applications
found within most traditional styles of Karate.

Within the Cobra FMA and Kick-Jitsu syllabus
you will be taught self-defence / protection
techniques that involve restraining your
opponent, by use of locks and holds, in such
away that they cannot move / escape.

However, in order to apply these locks and
holds effectively it is important that you
understand how and why they work.

The 21 arm locks and 18 leg locks contained
within the following pages have been placed
together as a flowing Bunkai for that very

You will learn them progressively as you go
through the grade structure adding 1 or 2 more
at each grade.

When practicing them with your partner they
must be applied slowly and methodically.

This will work in 2 ways for you:

1.You will learn their correct application.
2. In time they will become second nature as
they become programmed into your

Use the links below to view the Bunkai Video
on You Tube courtesy of
Capemedia UK.
(Copyright Andrew Morrell 2002)

Arm Lock 1 to 6

Arm Lock 7 to 14

Arm Lock 15 to 21

Leg Lock 1 to 6

Leg Lock 7 to 12

Leg Lock 13 to 18