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Martial Arts Grades
"I have grades in different styles with different
Martial Arts Groups and I think it is important to
separate them in order that I do not appear to be
anything that I am not, or that I hold a higher grade
in a specific style than I actually do. As such my
grades & styles are listed below in accordance with
the CMAA time served chart for Dan Gradings.
With regards to my own styles the highest attainable
grade in them all is capped at 8th Dan and no
higher. Thank you, Andrew Morrell
Freestyle Martial Arts
Cobra FMA - 8th Dan
Freestyle Karate/Kickboxing - 7th Dan
Traditional Martial Arts
Ju-Jitsu – 5th Dan
Shukokai Karate - 2nd Dan
Other Martial Arts Experience
3 years training in Muay Thai (Ungraded)

Other Qualifications/Achievements
Founder & President of the Cobra Martial Arts
Association (CMAA)

Chartered Management Institute Level 6 Award in
Management and Leadership

Greater Manchester Sports Partnership Accredited

Member of the Sports and Recreation Alliance
Education Expert Reference Group

Class A Semi & Full Contact Referee - World Karate
& Kickbxing Association (WKA).

England Team Manager (All Disciplines) for the WKA
2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007

Self Defence Instructor/Assessor (Self Defence
Federation) 2002 to 2010

Former Members Director for The Martial Arts
Standards Agency (MASA)

Approved First Aid Trainer / Assessor (www.

HSE Certified Risk Assessment Safety Auditor

Quality Management Systems Certified Auditor (BS
EN ISO 9000)

Authorised Lead Signatory for The Disclosure and
Barring Service (DBS)