Black Belt Gradings
1. Local Club Level Black Belt Gradings
Member Instructors may perform their own Black Belt gradings at their own clubs. If you have any questions
relating to Black Belt gradings please
view our FAQ page by clicking here. Alternatively members can make use
of the CMAA panel who grade once per year in Manchester, see below. Grades of 4th Dan and over are awarded
for time served. Please click the 'NBBR Home' link to the left for further details.
Junior Black Belt Gradings
Unlike other groups the CMAA does not have 'minimum' age requirements relating to Cadet Dan grades, that
decision is left at the discretion of club Instructors.
Click here to view our Dan Grade Certificates.
2. CMAA National Panel Black Belt Gradings
The next CMAA National Panel Grading will be:-
Saturday 22nd June 2019 in Denton, Manchester
starting at 12noon, doors open at 11am.
Booking a Place
Booking forms & fee must be at the CMAA office at least 8 days prior to
the grading. No applications will be accepted on the day.
IMPORTANT!! Please Note When Booking
1. Bookings will not be accepted unless done so using the booking form and the correct fee is sent prior to the
day. No bookings will be accepted on the day.
2. If your grading involves physical interaction with another person as in pad work, self defence etc, you must
then bring someone to carry out that role with you on the day as candidates can't work together during these
The CMAA does not charge different fees for each level of Black Belt/Dan Grade taken in front of our panel in
Manchester. Fees may vary at other locations.
CMAA Members: £80
Non-CMAA Members: £200 (This fee applies to all grades)
Ratification fees can be seen by clicking on 'Certificates/Listing' to the left of this page.
All fees are non-refundable.)
Sitting on the Grading Panel
Any CMAA Instructor may sit on the panel (max 2 from each club with a total of 10 altogether) but in doing so
please note:
1. All must book attendance
prior to the day and will be listed on this page.
2. All must wear a white shirt.
3. All must wear an official CMAA tie.
Ties can be ordered by clicking here.
4. All must wear dark grey or black trousers with appropriate shoes.
5. Only 2 Instructors from each club at any one time.
Any Instructor not adhering to the above will not be able to sit on the panel.
The panel must reach a majority decision regarding all candidates. P (pass) or F (fail) scores will be given for each
technique, kata, form etc. Final scores will be given as A, B or C as follows:
A= No fail scores
B+ = 1 fail score
B = No more than 4 fail scores
C+ = 5 fail scores
C = No more than 8 fails scores
Fail = More than 8 fail scores
Grading Format on the day
Parents, Friends & Instructors ARE allowed to spectate,
but are asked to remain quiet.
Kata, Forms & Weapons
Empty Hand Combinations & Start of Kickboxing Sections
Ippon Kumite, Self Defence, Kata Bunkai & Ju-Jitsu Techniques
Pad work, all styles
Breaking, If relevant to Style
Time Served
Please note that when applying for a time served award the applicant must be able to show the relevant number of
years of active training/teaching since their last grade as per the following.
Our time served requirements between each Dan/Black Belt grade are:
1st to 2nd Dan - 2 Years of active service/training.
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan - 3 years of active service/training.
3rd Dan to 4th Dan - 4 years of active service/training awarded based on "time served".
5th Dan will be awarded after 5 years of active service/training.
5 years of active service/training also applies to grades of 6th, 7th, 8th etc...
(The required years for time served awards may be reduced on a case by case basis, time served awards may be applied for from January 1st of
the year due