Andrew Morrell's history to present day including
the formation of the CMAA in 2002

Martial Arts Grades
"I have grades in different styles with different Martial Arts Groups and I think it is important to separate them in order that I do not appear
to be anything that I am not, or that I hold a higher grade in a specific style than I actually do. As such my grades & styles are listed below in
accordance with the CMAA time served chart for Dan Gradings (
view). With regards to my own styles the highest attainable grade in them all
is capped at 8th Dan and no higher.
Thank you, Andrew Morrell

Freestyle Martial Arts
Cobra FMA - 8th Dan
Freestyle Karate/Kickboxing - 7th Dan

Traditional Martial Arts
Ju-Jitsu – 5th Dan
Shukokai Karate - 2nd Dan

Other Martial Arts Experience
3 years training in Muay Thai (Ungraded)