Andrew Morrell's history to present day including
the formation of the CMAA in 2002

The Beginning
Andrew Morrell was born in 1968. His Martial Arts Career started during his teens in traditional
Shukokai Karate. (Shukokai Karate Union). He actually graded up to 2nd Dan and passed his
Instructor exam with the EKGB. (English Karate Governing Body as it was back then).
During his time in Karate he competed in both local and national tournaments and earned himself a
place on his clubs Kumite and Demonstration Teams. Also, just after his 1st Dan, he began training in
Muay Thai Kickboxing with the British Thai Boxing Council. Over the next few years his style
too restrictive.
So he left the SKU and joined a freestyle Organisation, the BFKKO.
Here he was more at home as he could be himself.
However he had to be assessed in both Karate and Kickboxing before his
grades were accepted.

He then trailed for and was placed on the Organisations England Squad.
He later graded to 3rd Dan in Freestyle Karate/Kickboxing and was
promoted to Senior Executive Instructor.
It was at this time that he joined the BJJA (British Ju-Jitsu Association) and began to officially
train in Ju-Jitsu. He had only until this time had samples of the style taught to him by past
Instructors. Again he began to compete, but this time in "Knock Down Budo". Andrew was very
much at home with this style of fighting and indeed did win most of his fights due to his mixed
skills. The club he was with later left the BJJA and became the SJJA. Here he graded to 1st Dan.

Again, due to the addition of Ju-Jitsu, his style began to change and Andrew now wrote his own
training and grading syllabus combining all 3 styles together - Cobra FMA. The syllabus runs
from beginner up to 8th Dan (the highest achievable grade in this or any of Andrew's styles) and
has proven to be a great success within his own clubs.
At this point Andrew would like to thank all of the Instructors who have trained and guided him along the way, there are far too many to mention
on this page, but you know who you are and thank you to you all.
In September 2001 he was interviewed by Fighters magazine where he appeared on the front cover.
This later resulted in the formation of the CMAA as Instructors around the UK read the article and
contacted Andrew due to his open minded approach and expressed an interest in joining him, some
of who now teach from his syllabus'.

In 2002 everything changed when Andrew made a decision that would effect both his and
thousands of other Martial Artists lives.

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