Post To & From The CMAA
Post From The CMAA
Items are posted out twice per week as follows:
Post received on Friday, Saturday and Monday will be sent out on
Post received on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be sent out on Friday

Post To The CMAA
Please ensure that you place the correct postage on all items mailed to us. Items
sent with incorrect postage will result in you being invoiced for the outstanding
postage in addition to CMAA administration fees for collection and time.

A 1st class stamp is only acceptable as postage on an A5 size envelope less than
5 mm thick and weighing less than 100g, shown as the red area in the image on
the right.
Current price upto 100g = 62p

All others will require weighing at the Post Office and will either be a Large
Letter, which must fit within the grey area shown to the right, or a parcel if
thicker than 25mm.
Current price upto 100g = 93p
101g - 250g = £1.24
251g - 500g = £1.65
501g - 750g = £2.38