Joining the Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)
FREE Insurance for Students - FREE Instructor Membership - FREE Annual Club Registration
Established in 2002 the CMAA has grown to be a very large and well-respected National Supporting Body catering for
Instructors and Students of all styles around the United Kingdom and Eire. You will note we use the word ‘Supporting’
rather than ‘Governing’ as that’s exactly what we do
support you and your members as we never forget it is your
choice to join us and as such we accept that we do not 'own' you or your club nor will we interfere in its lawful
management. You will also note that we don't make any bold claims of '
being the best' etc. we just do what we do.

Select from the following: (UK & Eire only, other countries please email us-click here)

JOIN AS A CLUB (Head Instructor must be Black Belt or equivalent)
Club Size
If you have 1 or 100 students or you are still setting up your club it does not matter as we don't have the minimum s
tudent requirements that others do, nor do we have a long list of "Terms & Conditions" either.

Joining Costs & Annual Full Club Membership
Annual club and Instructor membership (not insurance) are FREE, no matter how many venues you have and you can
join us along with your club straight away for a small one off £30
* joining fee, after that as Member Club Instructor your
own membership/licence is free (every year) so long as you continue to register all of your students with us and their
CMAA membership/licences remain in date. You can also keep your own clubs identity as we understand how important
that is to you and as such you do not need to change anything.
The joining fee includes for the senior club Instructor:
a. Admin costs in processing your application/club registration
b. CMAA Black Belt Membership Licence
c. Listing on our Black Belt Register with 'Instructor' after your name
d. Club membership certificate
e. CMAA Badge
f. Club website adding to our links page (if you have one)

Student Membership Fees
Student membership fees are dependant on the number of students you have and these are listed in our membership
information pack. Student fees can be paid as follows:
1. Throughout the year as they become due or new students join you.
2. Once per year in bulk, via our block membership packages, whereby all of your student memberships will be due at the
same time every year saving you the hassle of chasing renewals, not to mention making your admin' much easier.
3. Monthly payments - this can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your club.
4. Via our 'trial membership' option.

Student Insurance
Student Insurance is included in CMAA membership FREE OF CHARGE and covers members from 3 years old. Click
here for cover details.

Instructor Insurance
Instructor Insurance is available at £2,000,000 £5,000,000 and £10,000,000 dependant on your needs and can be
purchased online via our private Instructor Area.
Click here for cover details.

Your Existing Students
If you have students already registered (licenced) with another martial arts body don't worry we will give them free
membership up to and including their current renewal date.

Membership/Licence Books
CMAA student membership includes a card back licence book. However if you prefer you may use your own.
If you don’t have your own already made the CMAA recommends Holmes Productions Ltd

DBS (formerly the CRB)
As a CMAA member you will receive access to DBS checks at cost as it us who
are the registered body so are not subject to additional Umbrella Body fees.
See for further details.

We recognise ALL styles, systems and proven grades without question and as such you are free to teach from your own
syllabus or use one of ours (view) if you want to. OR, of you prefer you can write your own with our help if you need it.

Student & Black Belt Gradings
ALL Instructors may grade their own students at KYU/KUP and Black Belt level up to and including the same rank as the
Instructor. If you prefer you may use the CMAA Black Belt Panel,
click here. (Dates are shown on our events page).
Grades of 4th Dan and over are awarded for time served. Please see for further details.
Certificates are available if you require them -
click here to view.

The CMAA does not have 'minimum' age requirements relating to when students can attampt 1st Dan and so on, that
decision is left at the discretion of club Instructors. For those who do set an age limit we have Junior Black Belt
certificates available -
click here to view.

Training Courses & Events
We have our own national Instructor training programme that Instructors can choose to use as well as regular first aid
courses. Please see: -                                  

As well as the above we run other training courses and events every month, these are all listed on the courses and events
page of this site. If you have an event of your own to advertise, it too can be listed.
For your ease simply go to

But if you don't want to get involved with our events
etc then that's fine, what ever you decide we will
always be here SUPPORTING YOU.

Contacting The CMAA
Unlike other groups, even though our admin' is only open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm we can still be contacted outside
of these hours should you need to.
You will always be given a STRAIGHT answer to a STRAIGHT question STRAIGHT away.


Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Andrew Morrell
CMAA President

*Fee applies to UK and Eire only and is non-refundable due to administration costs once the application has been